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What is Machine Perception, and Why is It important to AI?

Machine perception is that aspect of digital technology that involves developing computers that can sense or “perceive” the outside world in a way that accurately mimics the five human senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste — as well as taking in information in ways that humans cannot. As you might imagine, machine perception […]

IT Experts Predict The Top Five Advances in AI for 2023!

AI is known for its ability to make very accurate predictions. But often, human prognosticators are pretty good at it too! In this article, we take a look at what leading IT experts say they think will be the top five advances in AI and machine learning in 2023, as compiled by The Enterprisers Project. […]

Digital Twin Technology Being Used to Create Next-Gen Aircraft

Digital twin technology is becoming more and more mainstream, particularly when it comes to the maintenance and monitoring of complex mechanical systems such as aircraft. GENEX, an EU-funded startup, has announced the creation of a new digital twin framework that will be used to create “the next generation” of safer and greener composite aircraft. Launched […]

What is Quantum Biology, and How Is it Changing Medicine for the Better?

AI and “quantum biology” may hold the key to changing medicine forever, maybe even the eradication of all disease! Imagine a world where cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s even aging itself have been defeated or can be treated in such a way that everyone can enjoy a long life of strength, vitality, and good health. That […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Early Detection of Osteoarthritis

Most patients and every medical practitioner know that when it comes to chronic debilitating diseases, the earlier they can be detected and treated, the better. This is one of the major promises of AI in healthcare, improved diagnostics for earlier detection and better patient outcomes. The latest such application comes as researchers are developing an […]

Six Impressive AI Startups Are All Based in Austria!

Some of the most innovative advances in AI are not taking place in the US; there are some powerful incubators all through Europe and places such as Israel. In fact, six of the most impressive new AI startups are all based in Austria! Those that follow the IT industry have long pointed out that Austria […]